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Bristol County, Mass. Sheriff Thomas Hodgson            

Bristol County, Mass. Sheriff Thomas Hodgson            

Excerpts from Sheriff Hodgson's 4.26.17 Interview.

Aaron Hernandez never left his real world – the Patriots were just a means by which he could raise his stature, in the world that he really lived in."

"...he really didn’t get along well with most of the players there – he’s not a guy that could go out to dinner with a Tom Brady or someone else."

"In his case there were no real indicators that he needed any special care and in spite of that because he was going from a 7000 square foot home to a 70 square foot cell, wearing a different uniform, with having being revered as a Patriot by not only fans here, but all around the country as a great star – he wasn’t getting revered too much inside of prison in his uniform – that was a big slide for him, a big transition so I told my staff for three weeks we are going to keep him in the medical unit so let’s watch and see how he transitions from where he was to where he is now."

“ I was amazed that how quickly he assimilated into the prison environment.”

“He was the best I have ever seen at compartmentalizing things within his mind. He convinced himself that he was really in training camp; he didn’t entertain the idea that he was really in prison; and that’s the world he wanted to live right here and now. He also was a master manipulator…”


Mary Ruth Joyner and father Olympic Gold Medalist Al Joyner

Mary Ruth Joyner and father Olympic Gold Medalist Al Joyner

No better way to close out Black History Month then to discuss the legacy of the late great Florence "Flo Jo" Griffith. Olympic Gold Medalist Al Joyner and his daughter Mary Ruth Joyner joined David live for both an educational and inspiring discussion.  Flo Jo was an Olympic gold medalist who brought style to track and field with form-fitting bodysuits, six-inch fingernails and amazing speed. She still holds the world records in the 100- and 200-meter events.  Flo Jo died from an epileptic seizure in 1998. Al Joyner won the 1984 Olympics for the triple jump, the first American in eight decades to win the event and the first African American.  Joyner was married to Flo Jo and together they had daughter Mary Ruth Joyner. 

“Every year, every Olympic games and every track and field meet comes in, and when the world record comes up of the 100 meter or the 200 meter -- I look at it and say that’s the record that Florence set and Florence always said that she put a record out there, but she knows that someone will break it and the woman that breaks that record is the one that believes in herself.  Once they believe in themselves they will set a new standard and Flo Jo records will be history…for right now it’s a goal that everybody should try and reach and attain because all she did was believed that she can be the best...I just hope that every young person or anybody in their life in general go out to set records but then make records in bigger footprints as you go along because Florence would always say herself, “I believe in the impossible because no one else does -- it gives me an excellent chance to accomplish it.  She said make bigger footsteps that she can ever make.”  - Al Joyner

Pat Williams, Orlando Magic executive, and former NBA player

Pat Williams, Orlando Magic executive, and former NBA player

Pat Williams joined David for a great discussion that will inspire you all. Humility: The Secret Ingredient of Success, shares stories of people from all walks of life who have demonstrated humility over the course of their careers--people from the sports world, the business world, the church world, the entertainment world, the government, and the military. Their stories prove that genuine humility is an attractive and contagious quality. In ten chapters, Pat Williams, leadership expert and senior vice president of the Orlando Magic, demonstrates how you too can live as a role model, a hero of humility. You will be inspired and motivated to spread the contagious, infectious character trait throughout your area of influence. . .while coming to understand that genuine humility not only gives you an edge in your career and relationships; it also helps you to develop a closer bond with your heavenly Father.

Interview with former basketball player and activist Craig Hodges

As a member of the 1992 world-champion Chicago Bulls, a dashiki-clad Hodges delivered a handwritten letter to President George H. W. Bush demanding that he do more to address racism and economic inequality. Hodges was also a vocal union activist, initiated a boycott against Nike, and spoke out forcefully against police brutality in the wake of the Rodney King beating.

But his outspokenness cost him dearly. In the prime of his career, after ten NBA seasons, Hodges was blackballed from the NBA for using his platform as a professional athlete to stand up for justice.

In this powerful, passionate, and captivating memoir, Hodges shares the stories—including encounters with Nelson Mandela, Coretta Scott King, Jim Brown, R. Kelly, Michael Jordan, and others—from his lifelong fight for equality for African Americans.