The ReCap by Rachele Lena: 9.26.18 Podcast / by HWTP Sports Talk

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This week, Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell joins HWTP Sports Talk with David Weinstein to talk about his new STARZ docuseries, “The Warriors of Liberty City.”   We were also joined by The Washington Post sports reporter Des Bieler who talks to us about ignorant comments made about Houston’s quarterback Derrick Deshaun Watson.

Derrick Deshaun Watson labeled as a black quarterback you can’t count on

A Texas school district superintendent made ignorant comments on Facebook regarding the choices made by Houston’s quarterback, Deshaun Watson during a game. Superintendent Lynn Redden, whose Facebook comment read, “That may have been the most inept quarterback decision I've seen in the NFL. When you need precision decision making you can’t count on a black quarterback,” recently resigned from his position as superintendent. 

After his resignation, Redden stated that, “I recognize that given the opportunity to respond by criticizing or belittling me, Watson chose peace and positivity instead.”  Redden went onto say that Watson was a great role model for the children in his Texas school district. 

Bieler stated that these comments “sparked a new discussion on the state of the black quarterback in football these days,” explaining that despite black men being 70% of the NFL, they only makeup 20% of quarterbacks. 

Bieler also explained that the comments sparked outrage because Redden attacked the decision making, and therefore intelligence of Deshaun Watson and other black athletes. He describes the common phenomenon that “when you want a player with intelligence, you may favor the white player over the black player.”

Uncle Luke of 2Live Crew fame creates a compelling docuseries, “Warriors of Liberty City”


Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell joins David to discuss his decision to give back to the community of Liberty City through the creation of his docuseries on STARZ called “Warriors of Liberty City.”  Campbell stated that he wanted the program to be “organic” and a safe space for young men in the neighborhood to go and spend their time.   Luke describes the area where the young men practice as “sacred ground.” 

Luke also tells David that none of the kids are reacting negatively to this newfound fame. He explains that they are already local celebrities because of their position in the “Warriors” program, so the filming of the docuseries has not created any big heads on the team. 

When discussing the impact of the “Warriors” program on the children’s academics, Luke explains that it is mandatory for the children to bring in their report card for the previous year to ensure that the program is not interfering with their studies, emphasizing the importance of dedication to both the program and school. 

As described by Luke, the purpose of the docuseries is to show that they are, “men that are out there, whether they are incarcerated or not, that are out there trying to make a difference with their sons.”  Campbell describes his shock at the fact that the kids that come out of his program in Liberty City are going on to college and the NFL. He explains that this program, “isn’t just football, it’s a family.”

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9.26.18 Episode