Executive producer Jacqueline Parke and podcast host David Weinstein at the studio.

Executive producer Jacqueline Parke and podcast host David Weinstein at the studio.

HWTP Sports Talk with David Weinstein airs LIVE Wednesdays at 9:00 pm ET.  Our show covers social issues with a sports focus, as well as tackles all the controversial issues and breaking news making headlines today.   Mr. Weinstein is the show's host and legal analyst, as well as a practicing attorney.

"Much more intelligent than most sports shows…your show is very multidimensional when it comes to sports." - Linda Robertson, Award winning columnist, Miami Herald.

"You guys do it right. Good questions, informed conversation." -Ken Belson, sports writer, The New York Times.

"Unlike so many sports talk shows, HWTP Sports Talk radio doesn't ask the usual questions. The hosts go right to the meat and potatoes of an issue and make you think." - Pepper Johnson, former NFL player and assistant coach.

We have had an impressive roster of guests, including NBA player and slam dunk champ Nate Robinson; boxing legends Evander Holyfield and Michael Spinks; National Baseball Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson; ESPN reporter and author Kate Fagan; NFL on Fox sideline reporter and founder of GalVanize Laura Okmin; American rap performer, promoter, record executive Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell; television and film producer Charlie Ebersol; Olympic track Gold medalist Al Joyner and his daughter with the late iconic Olympic record holder Florence Griffith Joyner, Mary Ruth Joyner; former NBA player and author Adonal Foyle and Craig Hodges; NASCAR drivers Spencer Gallagher and Jennifer Jo Cobb; former NFL coach and player Pepper Johnson; former NFL players Keith Bulluck, Seth Joyner, Chris Canty, Leonard Marshall, and Randal "Thrill" Hill; Orlando Magic executive and Hall of Famer Pat Williams; major league baseball legend Tommy John; former major league umpire Al Clark; and much more.

We've also had some terrific award winning journalists on the show, including Associated Press sports reporter and author Dirk Lammers; The Wall Street Journal sports reporter and author Matthew Futterman; New York Daily News reporter Michael O'Keeffe, Associated Press NASCAR writer Jenna Fryer; High Times Editor-in-Chief Dan Skye; USA Today sports columnist, Nancy Armour; New York Times sports reporters, Ben Shpigel, Ken Belson, and Chief sports correspondent Christopher Clarey; USA Today sports reporter and broadcaster, Martin Rogers; Miami Herald sports columnist Michelle Kaufman; Miami Herald sports columnist and blogger Linda Robertson; to name a few.

Jacqueline Parke  Founder & Executive Producer

Jacqueline Parke
Founder & Executive Producer

David Weinstein  Host-Legal Analyst

David Weinstein
Host-Legal Analyst